Sunday, October 7, 2012

Done with chemo/future

Well it's been a really long time since I checked in last on the blog. I finished my third and final round of chemo a few weeks ago. I actually skipped my last two bleo shots because of the results of my pulmonary test (lung capacity) weren't good and bleo can do long term damage to your lungs.

The day I found out I was done with chemo I also got some bad news. I was having pain in my neck, arm and arm pit and they found blod clots in those three places. The good news is blood clots in your the upper part of your body are not as dangerous as the ones in your legs because they don't move around. The bad news is I have to take blood thinners for six weeks, which are daily injections in the stomach. The medical port in my shoulder likely caused the clots so I had that removed on Tuesday.

Other than that the road to recovery is underway. My doctor said most people say it takes as long as you did chemo (me 9 weeks) to feel normal again. I am definitely feeling better and even have seen my hair grow a little so each day I expect to get closer to 100 percent.

I have a doctor appointment in two weeks and will do another CT scan to make sure the chemo took care of everything. Fingers crossed no more surgeries for me this year. I could use some good news for once this year haha.

Sorry packed a lot in one post but a lot has happened since my last blog post. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and kind words you have passed my way over the last few weeks. If I didn't get back to you don't think I didn't appreciate your support. Just been sick and not up to returning calls, emails, texts, facebook messages etc. Hopefully I will be back to 100 percent soon. I know I miss doing normal things like working, playing basketball and simple things like that. Thanks for reading. I'll try to have an update after my next doctor appointment.

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  1. Hang tough Dave, it'll all work out. Look forward to you getting back to the Palace with your usual great coverage of the Pistons. Perhaps while you're in the final stages of recuperating, you could settle a bet. A friend of mine seems to insist that mysterious pains in the neck, and elsewhere, can be brought on by too much close proximity to Caputo. I find that very hard to believe. Yes/no/maybe? LOL