Monday, August 13, 2012

Start of Round 2

Well I’m back to the grind after a little break. I completed Round 1 and I’m currently sitting at the doctor with Round 2 already started. It’s going to be a long week full of treatment, but I’m ready to get it over with and get closer to moving on with my life.

The last post was long and was really hard for me to put all that out there, thanks to everyone who responded and let me know that I’m not alone dealing with anxiety.

Just going to briefly talk about what happened since my last post.

I had a reaction to a steroid they gave me last week, which led to a funny day with my wife. The reaction caused me to feel like I was on speed and I was talking a mile a minute. I just couldn’t stop talking, which anybody that knows me knows I am usually the opposite.

I couldn’t stop at night either. I kept waking up my poor wife and ended up talking her ear off until 4:30 in the morning. I’m pretty sure she asked for and I gave her the complete run down of every girl I’ve kissed in my whole life. Thankfully I’ve always been honest with her so I had nothing to hide.

The rest of the week went smooth. I decided to go to Chicago for the weekend and Comic Con after getting the OK from Dr. Seid. I made sure to sanitize my hands like crazy and had a great time.

I met wrestlers John Cena (great guy), CM Punk (only rude guy I met), Booker T (great), the Bella Twins (super friendly and talkative) and Maryse (friendly).

Got my pic taken along with my friend Mary Beth with Norman Reedus who plays Daryl on The Walking Dead (he was also in Boondock Saints) and Jon Bernthal who played Shane on The Walking Dead. We couldn’t get near Reedus for an autograph due to all the VIP Boondock Saints and Walking Dead people, but Mary Beth did get Bernthal’s autograph and we talked to him for a few minutes. Found out he was leaving there to go to New York to play a part in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. He was a great guy.

Had fun the rest of the weekend with my wife, Sean, Lindsey, Fuller and Mary Beth. Haven’t been to Chicago in a long time and enjoyed the trip.

I came home to a huge surprise. A few of my friends got together and got me a package full of goodies. Just to name a few things it included the brand new The Rock shirt, a CM Punk shirt, iTUnes gift card, two packs of wrestling trading cards and a vintage David Robinson cup and for the @Dadboner fans out there, there was a Timehouse, the Kate Upton GQ and a Chilis gift card. Hope I’m not forgetting anything as I’m at treatment and don’t have the stuff with me today.

So to everyone involved in the package, Jake, TRV, Biggs, Steil and Joel thanks from the bottom of my heart. I knew we were friends but never thought you guys would take the time, money and effort to put something like this together for me. I really appreciate it and it really helped pick me up heading into this long week of treatment.

I’ll update more this week since I’ll be here all week long. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time at Comic Con! :) We're all behind you as you start Round 2.